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Random Ramsdom 5/28: Almost and former Rams

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It's sleepy time in the NFL, but there's still some action going on out there...just not much involving the Rams, yet.

A quick review for your reading pleasure.

  • Former Rams LB Pisa Tinoisamoa is deciding between Chicago and Buffalo.
  • CB Rod Hood felt like he had a better opportunity with the Browns.
  • RB Deuce McAllister offered his services to the Rams. Could the Rams get a volume discount on medical services if they signed him?
  • Free agent LB Paris Lenon signed with the Pats, who temporarily considered Pisa. I felt like he would have been a nice fit for the Rams. Whatever.
  • I think I dislike Tony Romo more than T.O. At least T.O. has personality. 
  • The Sporting News ranks O.J. Atogwe as their 8th best safety in the league. Eight?!?! No, worse, they put him at #12. BS.