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Rams mix it up on the strongside

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What do you say about OTAs? It can be difficult enough for fans to glean anything from training camp, and in OTAs the players aren't even wearing pads. Still, there are a couple of interesting items worth comment from the PD's report from OTAs yesterday. 

Looking to fill the hole left at strongside LB when the team released Tinoisamoa, Spagnuolo and defensive coordinator Ken Flajole used David Vobora and Larry Grant, a couple of seventh round picks from last year's draft. We saw Vobora play some last year, even pressed into starting duty late in the season. Grant intrigues me as an option on the strongside, where he spent most of his time at Ohio State. He's quick and a good open field hitter, who showed some ability to rush the passer tallying five sacks in his senior year. He clocks in at 6'1" 235 lbs, and I wonder if they won't get him to bulk up just a little bit between now and September. Spags and Co. reportedly think highly of Grant, and don't overlook the fact that he played next to this year's second round pick, MLB James Laurinaitis, at Ohio State.

The starting offensive line is set, though first round pick OT Jason Smith is working with the second team to learn the playbook. The first level of depth for each o-line spot is still subject to change, but listen to who's lining up behind the starters for now: LT Eric Young, LG Roy Schuening, C Mark Setterstrom, RG John Greco, and RT Adam Goldberg.

That's not exactly how it would shake out if a player went down with an injury. Smith could very well slide over to LT if Barron was out, with Goldberg replacing him. Greco would likely be the first to fill in at either guard spot. I like Setterstrom at C, where he's done solid work in the past, but I still wonder if sliding Incognito to C and plugging in Greco at RG wouldn't be the best route if Jason Brown missed a game. Of course, it's likely been a while since Incognito snapped a ball. I know nothing about Eric Young's ability. He was signed as an undrafted FA by the Browns last year, and the Rams grabbed the former Tennessee Volunteer when they waived him. I'm anxious to see what Phil Trautwein can do in camp, along with some of the other undrafted rookie linemen the Rams signed this year.  

Back at you soon...