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Rams likely not done adding to their roster

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Fifty years ago, the beleaguered outpost waiting for the cavalry's inevitable arrival was a staple of the studio Westerns. The Rams are still waiting, still needing - beleaguered might be a stretch in this case - some additional help to round out a couple key positions on their roster. Though it's entirely possible Spagnuolo's bunch will make their stand with the players already in house, I'd be surprised if the Rams were done adding to their roster. The team won't be handing out any more big contracts, the kind you'd see in March, but when teams around the league start making the tough decisions to trim their rosters in the days before the season starts they'll most likely find a player or two to round out the team.  

Wide receiver - Not so long ago, few fans would have batted an eye about the Rams parting ways with Dane Looker, but when concern about a lack of veterans at WR has dominated the conversation since the release of Torry Holt, concern about not re-signing Looker points to the degree that this need has sunk-in. The 49ers might be one team that's forced to part with some talent at WR when August rolls around. Two receivers that could be casualties by the Bay are Arnaz Battle and Dominique Zeigler. Battle, 29, is on the frail side, but is a good blocker, run some routes in traffic and return punts. Zeigler, just entering his third year, is an intriguing possibility, but not quite the veteran that some might be looking for. Anyway, those are just two examples of the kind of possibilities the Rams could find later in the year.  

Running back - Specifically, a backup runner. Unless one of the guys on the roster already has a breakthrough camp this summer, the Rams will most likely pickup somebody to backup Steven Jackson. This report says the Patriots may have some tough decisions to make at RB. 

Cornerback - I would have liked to see the Rams sign Rod Hood. I realize he's not exactly the second coming of Champ Bailey, I have more faith in him than I do Tye Hill or one of the other youngsters starting opposite Bartell. Sure, I hope like hell those guys emerge, but I'm too cynical to count on it. Jason Craft is one possibility, but there may be some other option come August/September. 

Strongside LB - Right now they've got some combo of Chris Draft and Quinton Culberson to replace Tinoisamoa, with Larry Grant a dark horse candidate that the team reportedly likes. There are still some decent options out there for depth or starters and likely to be more as the summer heads toward fall. 

It's a long time between now and when roster purges start in full, so a lot of story lines have to play out and the names will certainly change. Whoever does emerge, don't be surprised if a new name or two doesn't find a home with the Rams...not so much cavalry, but certainly needed reinforcements.