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Hood signs with Browns

Apparently, whatever the Rams were able to offer CB Rod Hood, it wasn't enough. It's being reported this morning that Hood will sign with the Cleveland Browns. According to the report, Hood picked the Browns over the Rams...either way, it's a clear indication that playing for a competitor wasn't his primary motivating factor in picking a new team.

It was reported last week that the Rams had offered Hood a contract, but the reality was that Hood met with Rams cap man Kevin Demoff who outlined what kind of money the Rams could offer the former Cardinal CB.

Hood would have been a nice pick up for the Rams who need an experienced player with more, um, certainty to play opposite Ron Bartell. Right now, the leading candidate for that job is Tye Hill, who'll battle it out with rookies Bradley Fletcher and Justin King (King missed all of last season after a foot injury in camp) and possibily Jonathan Wade.

The team is still making overtures to CB Jason Craft, who the team brought in late last September. Craft, according to Jim Thomas in an interview with ESPN 101, has been unresponsive to the Rams. Craft, 33, doesn't exactly fit the Rams' efforts to get younger, but he does offer something of a stop gap solution for the season.