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2010 prospect watch - May 23rd

With the NFL in summer OTA land and colleges dealing with the end of the baseball season, football news is pretty thin right now.  Here's some random college-level stuff to tide you over.

(2:15 PM EST breaking news beneath the fold)

 - (2:15 PM EST update) Kentucky DE senior-to-be Jeremy Jarmon has been suspended for his senior season due to a failed drug test.  Depending on how he would have played, he could have been a 2nd rounder.  It will be even more difficult to assess him as a prospect having dealt with a shoulder injury that followed arthroscopic knee surgery.  You can follow the story at A Sea of Blue, SBN's UK blog.  If any big updates come down the pipeline, I'll post them here.

 - An old ESPN interview with USC S Taylor Mays:















Mays could be a top 5 pick; he and Eric Berry are without question the top two safeties in college right now.

 - The list of candidates for the Rimington Trophy, given to college football's best center, has been released.  Were I a betting man, which I am, I would throw some money on Chris Fisher from ULL.  With all the big school talent, the odds on him would have to be pretty lucrative.

 - The ABC/ESPN family of networks has released an early schedule of televised games.  The big early game to watch?  It should be obvious... North Texas v. Ball State!  I can't believe UNT got a game on the schedule.  Go Mean Green!  But no, it's Alabama v. Virginia Tech.  Tons of talent, and both should go into the game in the top 10.  The other three games that day are also pretty inviting: Mizzou-Illinois, Maryland-Cal & LSU-Washington.

 - QB Robert Marve will transfer from Miami to Purdue.  If you didn't know this, you don't follow college football.  He was a highly sought after prospect when he came out of high school, but he sat out his first season after injuring his hand in a car crash.  He won't be eligible to play this season, but he'll have the 2010 and 2011 season to make up for lost time.


So consider this a college football open thread for this Memorial Day weekend.  What's on your mind?