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Have the Rams made an offer to CB Roderick Hood?

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There's a report today from that claims the Rams have made an offer to former Arizona CB Roderick Hood.

Hood played in Philly from 2003-2006, coinciding with Spagnuolo's time there as defensive backs coach ('01-'03) and linebackers coach ('04-'06), making him a known commodity.

Hood visited the Lions earlier this week, and is said to be visiting Chicago later in the week.

Hood lost his starting job when the Cardinals signed former-Steelers CB Bryant McFadden. Hood would be a good get for the Rams, who need a surer-thing to play opposite Ron Bartell. If they did sign Hood, that would push Tye Hill to the nickel role, where he'd probably still have some competition from Justin King and Bradley Fletcher. With Hood and Bartell, those younger CBs could get some developmental time.

Hood's a good fit for the Rams new defense which calls upon corners to play pyhsical, challenging receivers at the line and keeping them smoothered in man coverage. He'd be suited more for a nickel role on lots of teams, but with the Rams many questions at CB, he'd most likely be starting here.

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