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Imagine Alex Barron without the penalties

The Rams kicked off a round of OTAs yesterday with penalty prevention 101. It's a much needed course for a team that struggled with penalties on top of their numerous other struggles. A new offense means new snap counts, and learning those will be vital for an offensive line that featured two of the most penalized players in the league in Incognito and Barron. Speaking of penalties and the o-line...

Think about how you'd grade Alex Barron if he didn't incur so many penalties. His value as a player goes way up if he cuts down the number of false starts from say the seven he had last season to just a couple. As it stands now, Barron's an acceptable starter. If he can establish some discipline on the snap counts, he brings even more value. Now, I don't mean to say that with five less false starts Barron's bought his ticket to the Pro Bowl, but with his proclivity to stay healthy, he does become a valuable asset.

As for our other penalty prone lineman, I was ready to dump Incogntio after last season...along with 75% of the roster. Since then emotions have given way to rationality. Incognito plays well in the middle; however, if he can't get over his mental hurdles, the Rams have plenty of options to replace him at guard, especially if some of the more promising undrafted rookie free agents, like Roger Allen and Ray Feinga, sieze their opportunity in camp this year.

Couple items of interest: