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Camp notes and photos: Saturday afternoon

Another day at minicamp is in the books, and surprisingly enough there's nothing earth-shattering to report. It's Derby Day. Today's about mint juleps. The big news from camp today...

We've got some great photos from camp today, just click on the "more photos" link in the caption or when you roll your cursor over the pic. There's a good one of fourth round pick DT Darell Scott working too, but I had to go with Null.

Jason Smith is humble. Does a guy who volunteers to carry the vets' gear sound like the kind of guy who's going to engage in a protracted contract holdout? He's also looked good on his feet. 

Keith Null, a "strong and accurate" arm? That's good to hear. I think his upside is limited to a competent backup, but maybe Ryan Leaf imparted a nugget of wisdom or two on the kid, when he wasn't borrowing pain killers. 

The most interesting news from the day is the uncertain status of TE Joel Klopfenstein. The second round pick from 2006 who's been disappointing (to put it charitably) is battling it out for the third TE spot with Daniel Fells. Fells looked good down the stretch last year, better than Klop in my opinion, not a particularly high standard though. I'll go ahead and predict that Klop gets eighty-sixed before the season starts. 

Atogwe tweaked a hamstring. Dude, stretch. 

Derby aside: I don't know how the horse Dunkirk got its name, but students of military history will recognize that name. Dunkirk was the French beach where the remains of the British army (and a few French units too) were pinned against the English Channel by the Germans in 1940. Miraculously, though at a high cost, the ever resilient Brits evacuated the troops, only to return in subsequent years to kick arse. I put a five spot on that horse.