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Who used Plaxico rumors to fight offseason boredom?

The series of tubes that is the internet, not to mention that dinosaur called sports talk radio, has been buzzing with a nasty rumor of the Rams having some interest in veteran wide receiver and known gun enthusiast Paxico Burress. I first heard about it this morning in this fanpost which referenced a report on sports talk radio. Fear not, fans of gun safety, Plaxico Burress will not be a Ram. This rumor is DOA. Given the great lengths the Rams have undertaken to build a team-first, character counts culture, it didn't make sense to begin with.

God knows where the rumor came from. It certainly did not originate here at TST. But, you might as well forget it.

To be honest, I don't know that Burress would be the answer for the Rams anyway. Other than a 10 catch, 133 performace in week one against Washington and a 5 catch, 81 yard day against the Rams in week two, Burress didn't put up great numbers before his season ended prematurely.