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Radioland reacts to Hanifan's removal

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We mentioned the decision to remove Rams radio analyst Jim Hanifan when it happened last week, but haven't really weighed in much on the subject. Now, I've seen some columnists really bemoaning the decision, so it seems like a good time to check the pulse of the fans.

Admittedly, I don't regularly listen to many Rams games on the radio. Living in the team's television market, you never really have to...unless their blacked out. Still, I have listened to a few games on the radio here and there. Last season, when my wife was pregnant we spent a lot of Sunday afternoons scrambling to get prepared, which necessitated catching the Rams on the radio some. Add to that the many blackouts the team has dealt with the last couple of seasons forcing you to the radio.

I liked Hanifan, but I also thought D'Marco Farr was good too, whenever you'd catch him on the air. Is it strictly fear of the FCC? They did have to put in a delay, and will supposedly remove it without Hanifan in the booth. Or, was it more about marketing, trying to court a younger audience? Who knows. Thoughts?