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Random Ramsdom, 5/18: Holt's tank not empty

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Ramsdom2_mediumGot a case of the mid-May no football blues? The Cardinals (baseball) sure aren't doing you any favors providing a distraction...not even the endless Brett Favre saga can provide enough fuel for your tank. Fear not good football fans, Turf Show Times has you covered. Here's a roundup to help you stave off the afternoon doldrums. 

How much does Torry Holt have left? Age most certainly has robbed the great Torry Holt of a step or two. Friend and fan of TST, KC Joyner has a look at how Holt could still be successful thanks to his route running instincts more than the blazing speed that used to put him too far out of reach for defensive backs. 

Just to remind everyone, the Rams cut Holt for salary cap space and part of the process of remaking the team. However, I think that Holt and the Rams had reached a point of irreconcilable differences. He wasn't happy in his last couple years in St. Louis, but he was always professional enough to not let that impact his play. Holt will have success in Jacksonville, but I wonder how many passes he'll really catch with Dennis Northcutt as the #2 WR. 


  • Since the Rams haven't found their way into prime time for a while, you might never have known who the ESPN broadcast team was. It changes fairly regularly. The latest, as you've heard is Gruden replacing Kornheiser. Meh. I give Gruden two years. He's too young to stay out of coaching, and the MNF brand has done nothing but suffer since the move to ESPN. Again, you may never notice since the Rams, again, don't play on Monday this season.
  • Sando has a look at the undrafted players in the NFC West.
  • Six of the Rams 2009 draft picks will graduate from college. Who's the odd man out? Darell Scott, but he's finishing his degree this spring, so really, it's a full seven new grads on the team. We may not make the playoffs, but the Quiz Bowl should be ours! 
  • Steelers LB James Harrison is offended at the team's invite to the White House. Not for any political reason, but because they only invite the champs from pro leagues. You're right James, the President doesn't have much else on his plate these days, maybe some yak yak time with the Detroit Lions would show the Taliban how serious we really are. 


The Rams have OTAs May 19-21, 27-29, and June 1-2. A Mandatory minicamp takes place June 5-7, and the month wraps with two more OTAs on June 9-11 and 15-17. Then camp will be here before you know it. Hang in there.