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2010 prospect watch - May 16th

With as much traffic as we got this year going in to the draft, I thought it might be helpful this year if we keep tabs on prospects throughout the season.  Consider this a random Ramsdom, college-style.

Consider this a college football open thread for a while.  With both the NFL and college football in the valley between events, there won't be much to cover for a while, so if you have any questions, comments, topics or random college football opinions, throw em out!  (And by the way, SBN needs a college football recruiting blog.)

- Tim Tebow has been taking more snaps under center.  I'm not sure if this is Florida Head Coach Urban Meyer's way of proving Tebow is a legitimate NFL prospect, or if it's to force an adjustment out of SEC defenses.  Definitely something to keep an eye on.

- Former Duke PG Greg Paulus has transferred to Syracuse for his final year of college athletics eligibility to compete at QB.  Having never seen him play football, I obviously am completely unprepared to judge if he is a draft prospect or not, but if I don't know if he is a prospect, I don't know if he's not either.

- Ole Miss has a lot of SEC-toppling hype going into this season after losing OT Michael Oher and DT Peria Jerry to the draft.  Luckily, their two toughest regular season games, against Alabama and LSU, will both be at home.  We've talked a lot about Jevan Snead and his chances of being a top 10 pick in the '10 Draft.  One name that hasn't been mentioned here is Oher's replacement, John Jerry, Peria's younger brother.  Jerry has a lot on his shoulders to fill the legacies of Oher and his older brother, but the pedigree and work ethic are there.  This will be his second season playing tackle, so he'll have to be graded on a curve, unlike say Ciron Black.   BTW, TeamSpeedKills, SBN's SEC blog, named Ole Miss their 2008-09 SEC Team of the Year.

- After a great spring performance, freshman DE-supreme Alex Okafor could take some time away from Sergio Kindle.  That could hurt Kindle's stock who needs as much production as possible after being overshadowed by Brian Orakpo.