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Random Ramsdom 5/15: Rewriting the defensive playbook

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Alright, some non-QB related stuff for your randomness today. How 'bout that? Let's start with a look at how Spags and Co. are reshaping the defense.

The offense isn't the only unit dramatically altering it's approach. Spagnuolo and DC Ken Flajole are instructing the defensive linemen to move upfield, rather than slide left and right along the line of scrimmage to try and nab blockers. That approach, championed under Haslett, led to the Rams defenders being out of position so often, especially on a blitz. This piece from USA Today examines the Rams new approach and points out that last year the defense allowed 71 plays of 20 yards or more. Here's DT Clifton Ryan:

You're going to see whole different wrinkles from us on defense.


  • A call to put Hanifan back in the booth.
  • KC Joyner, "The Football Scientist," takes a look at Tinoisamoa from last season and explains why his tackle numbers are misleading and why he might not be a real upgrade for the Bills.  
  • This report from Pro Football Weekly cites "team insiders" who think the Rams will add veteran help at strong-side LB, where there is concern about Draft's age and Culberson's ability. 

Randomness, non-NFL division...

  • You like hockey? You like the Blues? St. Louis Game Time has you covered. They've got all the Blues offseason action as well as updates on the Stanley Cup playoffs.
  • Viva El Birdos looks at the Cardinals sudden ability to pull depth out of their minor league system.