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Random Ramsdom 5/13: hot on the hot seat


Sleepy offseason time. After all the hoopla building up to the draft, it's kind of strange how quiet everything is around the league. But, hey, everybody needs some down time, the NFL included. Still, there's a tasty morsel or two out there...

Continuing with unofficial Marc Bulger day at TST, Mike Sando puts him on the hot seat in the NFC West (along with 49ers QB Alex Smith).  Sando reminds readers that Bulger's contract won't carry such a stiff cap penalty next year. That, along with the new regime at Rams Park could put Bulger in danger of losing his role with the Rams should he fail to improve this season. FWIW, I'm in the camp that thinks he will get it back, thanks to improvements on the line and the new offense.

Other Rams on the seat: Tye Hill, Alex Barron, Joel Klopfenstein and Jacob Bell. No surprises there. Klop's hot seat is glowing red, as he has to make his case in camp.

  • This piece likes Spagnuolo's chances in the near future. 
  • Tinoisamoa is visiting the Bills
  • The Packers passed on hiring Jim Haslett as their defensive coordinator after last season because Haslett wanted to wait and see if the Rams would make him their head coach. Now, he's coaching in the UFL.