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Can Bulger overcome one record to set another?

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Marc Buler will soon have his name in the record books. Given the divided feelings among Rams fans about Marc Bulger, that statement will evoke a variety of ideas as to just what that record(s) might be. Fortunately, it's a record that will remind everyone of what a solid QB Marc Bulger has been for the Rams, his struggles over the last two seasons aside. This season, barring an extended absence, Rams QB Marc Bulger will become the franchise's all-time leader in passing yards.

Name Games Yards Comp/Att Comp %
Jim Everett 107 23758 1847/3277 56.4
Roman Gabriel 130 22223 1705/3313 51.5
Marc Bulger 87 21345 1829/2924  62.6


Bulger needs just 2413 more passing yards to become the team's all-time leader in that department. Last season, not exactly a memorable one, Bulger passed for 2720 yards in 15 games. In 12 games the season before, he passed for 2392 yards. Hopefully, Bulger's name being etched into the team record book coincides with a season where he regains his mojo, making the record a sweeter memory. A seriously reworked offensive helps in that regard.

I included completion percentage because I think it underscores the point that Bulger didn't just fluke his way into the team's record book because of longevity. His accuracy is his best weapon, and, of course, if he were a bad QB longevity wouldn't be a factor anyway. Bulger has the second best completion percentage of any regular (i.e. not a backup) Rams QB. Only Kurt Warner tops him in that department with a 66.4% line.

All of this is especially impressive when you consider that Bulger DOES hold another, more dubious team record: sacks. Marc Bulger has been sacked 240 times in his 87 games. The next closest is Everett, who was sacked 186 times. (Still, nothing compares to Tony Banks getting sacked 132 times in just 44 games with the Rams). The Rams are counting on Bulger to overcome that record.