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Early speculation about the Rams

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Ugh. Power rankings. In May. That's sawdust. Filler. And that's exactly what Peter King gave us yesterday, putting the Rams at #30 in his early, early preseason power rankings. No stranger to the need for some filler ourselves here at TST, we can't fault him for finding something to fill column inches. About the number 30...

Well, until proven otherwise, it's hard to rank the Rams real high on a preseason list. Those things are all about precedent anyway, and two-win teams do not usually get the benefit of the doubt. As a Rams fan, I probably wouldn't go ahead and reserve a hotel for the Super Bowl, but I don't think we'll be the third worst team in the league this season. Our beefed up offensive line itself should get a couple of those close ones back that made the difference between five wins and two. Edpjr has a nice take down of the #30 here. 

More than the #30, what really made my eyes roll in the power rankings was, sigh, some good old speculation about the future of the Rams. Not just more for sale, moving talk either...King's talking about a firing.

There's no doubt the Rams did the right thing, bypassing Mark Sanchez for Jason Smith. It might get GM Billy Devaney fired at the end of this year (a new ownership group might do that anyway), but this team simply had to start building the right way, and a franchise left tackle was vital to the future.

Firing Devaney? That seems unlikely. Devaney has the unenvious task of righting a ship that 's been headed in the wrong direction for years. Not only was this metaphorical ship heading in the wrong direction, it was woefully neglected too. So, he's got some leash. A new ownership group is unlikely. Yes, it's always a possibility and rumors like this will persist for a team that hasn't sold many tickets in a few seasons and has been through a surprise ownership transfer like the Rams have, but we do know that current majority owner Chip Rosenbloom is not actively shopping the team.

Rams change radio voices

Former Rams DT D'Marco Farr will replace former o-line coach Jim Hanifan as the in-game analyst for broadcasts this year. Is this a continuation of the team's push to get younger? Who knows.