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Random Ramsdom 5/11: Which Rams will be playing in February?

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Anyone on the Rams roster likely to play in the Pro Bowl? Teams coming off a two win season don't get much respect in that department, see Atogwe, O.J. This is a new Rams team though, and ESPN's MIke Sando throws a couple names into the mix for potential playing time in that other February football game.

His list includes the usual suspects: Steven Jackson, Marc Bulger & Leonard Little, with some potential for Atogwe, Josh Brown and Donnie Jones, who should have also made it last year. Putting out Marc Bulger's name is kind of a limb, but given his Pro Bowls past and potential to rebound playing behind a new o-line it could happen. Who else could potentially get there from the Rams?

I think Chris Long has the opportunity to surprise people this season. He did have 4 sacks last season, a good number for a rookie playing on a defense that wasn't exactly among the league's elite. If they can improve play up front, Long could really break through. Speaking of improved line play, if Steven Jackson has a shot at the Pro Bowl, it'll be in part thanks to C Jason Brown, who should also have a chance for a trip to Hawaii. WR Donnie Avery is a bit of a longer shot given the changes to the Rams offense and the presence of players like Fitzgerald competing for Pro Bowl roster spots, but it's not out of the question. The Rams have a budding star in CB Ron Bartell who should be a candidate if he continues to build on the nice progress he's made. Long INT returns and sexy totals usually give DBs Pro Bowl cred, so Bartell's a longer shot too. Others?


Let me apologize for missing out on Turf Show Radio this weekend. My Saturday afternoon schedule got monkeywrenched at the last minute and I never got to the point where I could call in. 3k, as always, did a great job flying solo, and I owe him big. In fact, I want to go ahead and give him a shout out right here for all he does for this site. We'd never be at the level we are without his work.

Everyone who participates here, whether by commenting, creating FanShots or FanPost, or even just the casual reader, makes this site what it is. This stuff is the future of sports journalism because we're part of the fan experience here. Hell, together we all make the fan experience better. And when the newspapers are gone, I hope everyone here keeps it up and makes TST a part of the future of sports and the fan experience.

Let me add one more thing, kind of a reminder/tutorial. When you read a FanPost, FanShot, comment or a front page post that you like, be sure to recommend it so that other readers can see it and get involved in the discussion.  To recommend a FanPost, Shot or front page story, just hit the "Rec" symbol down at the bottom of the page. To recommend a comment, click on the "actions" symbol and then hit the "rec" symbol. It's not about site traffic or anything like that, it helps get the highly recommended stuff moved to a more prominent position on the side bars where everyone can see it. More than that, it lets me or 3k know what's good on the site and lets us bring it front and center to the conversation.

We have smart fans on this site, let's help make ALL the voices heard.


Ok, a couple of random things to officially make this a Random Ramsdom post...