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Afternoon Minicamp roundup: Rust never sleeps

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Hopefully, you're expectations from the first day of minicamp weren't too great. It is minicamp after all, something more aking to a playbook study session  than a full tilt practice with crunching hits and tempers flaring. July, that's when the real fun starts. In the meantime, however, this is a nice opportunity to grope (Chuck E Cheese style) at just what kind of team we've got. Be sure to click on the photo for a whole bunch more from minicamp today.

Some tidbits worth discussing...

  • Jason Smith practiced at RT with the second team. No worries. Unless, the guy's a complete flop, he'll work his way up to the first team by the time training camp rolls around.
  • Laurinaitis worked with the third team. I'm shocked we have enough LBs to have a third team. Spag's quote makes it sound like the rookies will work more with the starters as the camp progresses.
  • Ok, reading this item, I had to keep telling myself, "it's only rust," repeating it like a mantra. Bartell and Tye Hill struggling in coverage. Sheesh. Rust, rust, rust....
  • Setterstrom worked at C with the second team. He was all set to get some looks at C in camp last year before getting hurt. Setts has played okay when pressed into duty in the interior line in '06 and '07. If he can get stay healthy and get the snapping thing down, the Rams would have a nice sized backup center.

More randomness from across the web...

Be sure to click on the more photos option on the photo above. We've got a slew of pics from today's minicamp.


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