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(not so) Old and in the way

Who are these Rams?

I guess by now you've seen the "100 Impact Rookies" list from If not, here's a link. Two names of note among the top 15, James Laurinaitis at #15 and Jason Smith at #6. We're hoping they prove the methodology correct. We need them to.

Not so long ago, last season, the Rams had one of the oldest rosters in the league. Now the Rams have just 6 players age 30 or above, the third fewest in the league

Could the Rams take a flier on Arizona's recent cap casualty CB Roderick Hood? Hood and Spagnuolo should be plenty familiar with each other from their time together in Philadelphia, before Arizona signed him as a free agent before the 2007 season. Nobody will confuse Hood with the echelon of elite corners in the NFL, but he could be a smart addition to the Rams secondary. The Rams don't suffer for a lack of players at CB. Behind Ron Bartell, they've got Tye Hill, Jonathan Wade, Justin King, this year's 3rd round pick Bradley Fletcher, and some unknowns in Marcus Brown, Quincy Butler, and rookie free agent pick up Cordelius Parks.