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Not so top ten

We need the draft to get here ASAP. Pundits are scrambling for something to fill columns with, and the latest talking point appears to be that this the worst year for the top ten picks/prospects in the draft, something that I suspect has to do with the lack of a home run quarterback more than anything. 

NFL Network's draft expert Mike Maycock shared some nuggets suggesting as much to Peter King (I know) recently. To wit:

This is by far the worst year for the top 10 that I've seen. Down around 18, 20, you'll get every bit the player you'll get in the top 10 for a third of the price.

Besides adding to the "Stafford's not that great" talk, Maycock says a few things about the prospects that the Rams could pick. 

Of Curry: He should be an outside LB in a 4-3 because of his coverage and pass rush ability. I can't totally disagree with that, as far as it relates to the Rams. If they drafted Curry, he could replace Pisa and they could find a MLB later in the draft.

Of the OTs: He like Monroe better than Smith, acknowledging what's been said already: Smith has upside, Monroe's ready to be an elite pass blocker. Hard to disagree with that, and it raises the question of whether or not the Rams should take either one of those guys with the second pick if they can get an OT later on in the draft. 

All of this drives at the argument for the Rams to trade down, a question the hometown sports writers at the PD answered today with mixed opinions. 

Trading down would be great, but it just doesn't seem like a very realistic possibility. That might depend on USC QB Mark Sanchez's draft stock, which seems to be rising based on comparison to Stafford. If conventional wisdom emerges that he's the better NFL QB, taking him at #2 isn't a stretch, which means the Rams could possibly lure a QB hungry team into a trade. 

The real problem this point to, in my mind, is rookie salaries. It would be great if the league and union could agree to fix this (ha!) so a high pick isn't such a disincentive. This will be even more of a problem if the league ditches the salary cap in the next CBA, as the small market teams will be the ones most consistently picking in the top five.

What say you? Trade and try to get a couple of first rounders or stay at #2?

On tap for today: The mock draft rolls on. I never got Jacksonville's #8 pick, so I'm picking it myself. MathB representing Green Bay at #9, get ready.