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Community Mock Draft Update

We're still rolling through the TST Community Mock Draft. Right now, I'm waiting on Jacksonville with the #8 pick represented by jpeezie1745. Try to get me your pick by the end of the day so we can keep this thing moving along. If you can't just let me know and I'll arrange something else. You can email the pick to me at rv_vanbib AT yahoo DOT com.

The picks thus far:

#1 DET - Eugene Monroe, OT
#2 STL - Aaron Curry, LB
#3 KC - Brian Orakpo, DE
#4 SEA - Matt Stafford, QB
#5 CLE - Michael Crabtree, WR
#6 CIN - Jason Smith, OT
#7 OAK - B.J. Raji, DT

Ok, people...let's go.