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Random Ramsdom 4/7: Robinson vs. Burton


With Laurent Robinson on board, the WR picture for the Rams looks a little different, hopefully better. While I'd say Robinson's a good bet to land on the 53-man roster, we'll have to wait through more minicamps and August's training camp before we get a clear picture of just exactly how and where he fits into the depth chart.

The player whose role is likely to be most affected if Robinson pans out is Keenan Burton. Robinson is faster and bigger than Burton, though they both carry lengthy injury histories and both carry the "enigma" label. In the perfect world, Robinson and Avery would be the Rams top two WRs with Burton becoming a regular contributor in the slot. However, if Burton and Robinson fail to overcome their physical maladies, the Rams might be running the wishbone after all.

Some links...

  • There are still some mocks out there that have the Rams picking Texas Tech WR Michael Crabtree, and I doubt the acquisition of Robinson significantly impacts that possibility. The Rams using a pick to draft a WR in the second, thrid or fourth rounds is less likely in the wake of yesterday's trade.
  • Of course the Rams will consider trading their #2 pick. On April 7, every option is still on the table. The real question is whether or not anyone wants the #2 pick. 
  • Anyone notice the Rams are bringing in a potential second round OT in UConn's William Beatty? OFcourse, he could even slide up into the first, but Beatty's the first of the OTs outside of the top four the Rams have visited with. Should the Rams draft Beatty, they could start him on the right side with Barron on the left. Check out his scouting profile

A talented athlete capable of becoming one of the surprises of the 2009 draft. In a talented left tackle class, Beatty might be the best combination run blocker. Beatty's burst to the second level and explosive initial pop helped Donald Brown to a 2,000-yard season in 2008. Beatty demonstrated more than enough athleticism to protect the passer, though he was not a true blindside protector when lefty Jared Lorenzen was under center.