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Unwrapping an enigma: Who is Laurent Robinson?

First of all, I think I'd rather have WR Laurent Robinson on the roster than some of the senior citizens out there on the free agent market. Is he Michael Crabtree? No. He's not in the same class, but he could be a nice complement to the Rams receiving corps with his size and speed. (Sando has a scouting report from Scouts, Inc.). He turned a lot of heads compiling 37 catches and 437 yards in his rookie season, before succumbing to injury and then getting lost in a coaching change between '07 and '08. The year 2007 burned in the nightmares of Hot-lantans, a season that featured three different Atlanta starters under center...and an ignominious loss to the Rams. Is it a miracle or an omen that Robinson got 437 yards that season?  At the very least he's a low-risk, high reward addition to a position of need, most certainly a better player than anything Devaney et al would have picked with a higher fifth or sixth round pick. 

First and foremost, they need to get the guy into the weight room, get him healthy and keep him healthy. The Rams are no stranger to hamstring injuries; Leonard Little dealt with one off and on last season. This also sounds like a guy who could use a little coaching up, get him brushed up on the subtleties of being a professional football player, away from that "at-times" label attached to so many players wasting free agent years with the Golden Horns recently. Ah, the memories...

The Falcoholic said of Robinson:

He's our greatest question mark and probably the team's most frustrating enigma.

Robinson joins the list of players looking for a close-to-last chance to unravel an enigma with the Rams this season.