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Random Ramsdom, 4/5: QB edition


Sunday morning comin' down, down with Kyle Boller. The Frerotte discussion is officially dead in the water, but the same conclusion still stands for Kyle Boller: he's a backup QB, and at 27, probably a little less of a risk than Frerotte was, though Boller isn't without an injury history of his own.

Boller comes from an offense not know for its passing, mostly by plan. In fact, the Ravens chewed up QBs, and Boller was the best of the parade of guys that worked under center for the Ravens through the middle part of this decade. He has experience playing with a featured TE in Baltimore, Todd Heap, and knows how to throw the shorter passes and work the crossing routes. His streakiness lends him well the backup QB role. Earlier this spring the Cowboys were trying to sign him as Romo's backup. A much better backup QB to have than Treent Green...or Frerotte. 

  • Did Frerotte back out of a deal with the Rams because he thought they would draft a QB? 
  • Speaking of QBs, take a look at the three the Rams have visits with: Sanchez is a first rounder, and only available if the Rams trade down; Josh Freeman is a likely second rounder, and Tom Brandstater is a fourth round guy. Brandstater's intriguing because of his late round steal potential, and Freeman didn't play in a spread (?) offense. 
  • The Rams QB of now, Marc Bulgermade a good impression on the new staff at minicamp this week, and vice versa. Hopefully this is a bounce back year for Bulger. Love 'em or hate 'em, this guy has to succeed for the Rams to win games. 
  • It's Bulger's birthday today. Happy birthday, now get back to the Pro Bowl level.