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Random Ramsdom 4/30: Former Rams edition

Hey, I know that guy! Some of the more infamous one-time Rams have been making headlines, very small headlines, lately. That and

  • When former first round picks go bad...Lawrence Phillips heads to trial on his assualt charges. 1996 was a great draft for the Rams. The team's first three picks: Phillips #6, Eddie Kennison #18, and the great Tony Banks at #42.
  • One of the Rams third round picks from 2006 and known malcontent, TE Dominique Byrd, has been invited to camp by the Arizona Cardinals.
  • A former fourth round pick, WR Shaun McDonald, signed a contract with Pittsburgh today. After playing in Detroit that's got to be a nice change. Good for McDonald.
  • Grant Wistrom will be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame, class of 2009.
  • Ever see Torry Holt's finger? Check this out

Minicamp starts tomorrow with rookies getting the chance to mingle with the team's veterans. Here's a complete schedule of the Rams offseason.

  • May 1-3 (rookie, voluntary minicamp);
  • May 19-21, May 27-29, June 1-2 (OTAs);
  • June 5-7 (mandatory minicamp);
  • June 9-11, June 15-17 (OTAs);