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With the #7 pick in the draft, Oakland selects...

Big wheels rollin' moving' on...mock draft rollin' movin' on... Here's tbell61 pick for Oakland. And which prospect's blood would rumored vampire Al Davis like to drink?

With the seventh pick in the NFL Draft, the Oakland Raiders select B.J. Raji - DT - Boston College


The Raiders were disappointed to miss out on Michael Crabtree, but realistically, didn't really expect him to be available at #7.  The Raiders do have a need at the wideout position, and did consider taking Jeremy Maclin, of Missouri, but weren't convinced he's worth 7th pick money and just not the gamebreaker that Crabtree almost certainly will be.

All that said, the Silver and Black do have needs on both sides on the line, and with Monroe and Smith off the board on the OL, they will go with DT B.J.Raji of Boston College.  The Raiders feel he not only will turn out the be one of the top defensive rookies of the year, his ego will fit in well with an Al Davis directed team.  He's big and quick and will improve an emerging defensive unit.

Raji remains an outside possibility for the Rams at #2, unless his positive test for grass derail his status as a top ten pick (Warren Sapp, a seven-time Pro Bowl DT and potential HOFer also tested positive for the green stuff prior to the 1997 draft).

Here's Raji's scouting report from Mocking the Draft.

UPDATE: The Bears' 18th pick now goes to the Broncos, and 91GREENE still gets to represent...unless you don't want to, then get in touch with me.

Jacksonville with the #8 pick represented by jpeezie1745 is on the clock.