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Random Ramsdom 4/3: A look back at day one of minicamp...and more


Welcome to the kinda, sorta new Random Ramsdom. A big thanks to Landon for the logo. And another thanks to Will for the other logo. They both look great. I could have never made the choice on my own, so thanks to everyone who voted and be sure to thank the guys who took time out to put these together. I'm working on getting some TST-shirts, and I'll get one to both artists once we have them. Now, let's talk minicamp...

  • Spagnuolo seems to be getting good reviews from the players, clearly laying out his expectations (and I doubt giving much room for excuse) and teaching players as they move through practice. Obviously, we're a long way from being able to see the results, but it's hard not to like what we're hearing after the first day. You've got to be kind of excited about this.
  • Right now, the O-line they're working with features Barron at LT, Bell at LG, Brown at C, Incognito at RG, and Goldberg at RT. That's an interesting combination, basically, it's an upgraded version of some of the line combos we saw in '06 and '07, beefed up in the middle. Baed on past performance and capability, that wouldn't be an elite o-line, but it would get some results, esp with the additions of Karney at FB and Bajema as the blocking TE. However, it wouldn't be much of a wall against elite pass rushers, opponents like Minnesota and Tennesse who the Rams will face next year.
  • Is it just me or is Barron being really, really low key about his trial run as the starting LT?
  • The Frerotte thing is far from a done deal after all, with the two sides agreeing to resume talks after the draft.
  • The offense, though new, could be much simpler than the Al Saunders "War and Peace"-like playbook, according to Donnie Avery:

As you know, last year we had a heck of an offense that was really hard. This year, we kind of toned it down a little bit without all of the motions and stuff so we are just lining up and playing.

  • To make the Cutler deal complete, the Bears also signed former Ram Orlando a 3-year, $15 million deal. The contract will pay him $11 million for the first two years, a big risk for the Bears based on Pace's injury history.
  • Sure they have Kyle Orton, but Denver's going to need a QB. Oh, and look, they now have two first round picks, one, or both, of which could be used to trade up for Matt Stafford or Mark Sanchez. The Donkeys have traded up to get a QB before, Cutler, so this is something to keep on the radar for the Rams potential draft scenarios. How about it, Rams fans, would you pass on Curry or Jason Smith to trade the #2 pick for the Donkeys' 12 and 18 picks...or some other combo involving one of those picks?