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Turf Show Radio / 2010 NFL Draft preview

Another episode of Turf Show Radio is coming this weekend. Before the radio show, I'll release my first 2010 NFL Mock Draft. I know many of you are still dealing with the pain / joy of the 2009 draft, but I love college football and I love the draft. In fact, I style my hair every day with Vitalis in the hopes I can develop a hair helmet as pefect as Mel Kiper, Jr.'s.

Consider this an open thread for the week. What topics do you want us to bring up during the show? And don't say the draft, dumbass. You don't have to be ultra-specific (e.g. "I would like you guys to bring up Keenan Burton's footwork on 3rd downs when playing in 1 p.m. EST games east of the Mississippi River in the 2nd game after a bye week when running a hook route between 5 and 6.5 yds").

Also, feel free to feed me questions on the 2010 draft. My mock comments are pretty short for two reasons.

1.) I had to predict each team's record, which is damn near impossible right now. I went through every team's schedule and predicted the winner of every damn NFL game. Don't ever say I don't waste time for you people. So in trying to match either a need based pick or the best player available, I had to assume the identity of each NFL team. Do you know how hard that is to do when you're mocking for the Raiders? It hurts my brain. In any case, the draft order and style are so fluid based on how teams do and how their front offices look by spring 2010. If I get 20% of the draft order right, I demand to be anointed the TST Kiper.

2.) These guys haven't played their senior seasons yet, which is the biggest factor in their draft position. Nobody could have guessed Aaron Maybin would go this high a year ago. So the mock is going to be biased towards people who have played often since their freshman season and people who play the big games.

So holler at your boy!