What's It Going To Cost Us?

Now that the draft has come and gone, the next step in the process is getting everyone signed. As of April 22, 2009, the Rams have $10.69 million in cap space available. We have got some room to work with, compared to other teams, but it ain't a lot.

Our first round pick, 2nd overall, Jason Smith is NOT going to come cheap. Not just because he was the second pick, but because he is represented by the mega agent Tom Condon. Condon makes Drew Rosenhaus look like a slacker when it comes to being an agent. For those of you who don't know who Condon is, this is a short list of players he represents: Peyton & Eli Manning, LT, Tony Romo, Brady Quinn, Matt Leinhart, Mark Bulger, Drew Brees, Tony Gonzalez, the newest millionaire in the league Matthew Stafford, and the list goes on and on. That being said, Smith isn't going to just roll over and want to play for a sub-par franchise. Condon just scored a HUGE deal for Stafford and he will look to do the same for J. Smith.

What are the chances the Rams fork over the dough vs. playing hard ball with an agent that knows how to get his money?

Personally, I think we are in the hole to pay this guy AT LEAST $25 million in guarantees. If not, J. Smith will be prepared to hold out until the end of July....