Laurinaitis vs Maualuga

What does everybody think about our choice of Laurinaitis over Maualuga?

I think Maualuga was a flashier choice. He is bigger, makes the big hits that fans love to see, and has great hair. Maualuga though, is inconsistent, not a coverage linebacker, and his character is in question.

I think JL is a better overall player. He is more consistent, a 3-time All-American with over 100 tackles the past 3 years at Ohio State, a leader, and high motor that Spags and St. Louis fans love. If he would have entered the draft last year, people think that he would have been a top 10 pick. But then, this year, he didn't perform well at the combine. Some people think that his dominance in college won't translate to the NFL because he didn't perform well at the combine. Keep in mind Spags is a former linebacker coach, so hopefully he knows what he is doing.