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Winding down the draft, open thread, last rounds

I stepped away for a bit, and came back to find that the Rams drafted a receiver. 

North Carolina's Brooks Foster seems to have some raw talent...and keeping with the theme of the Rams picks after round two, he's got skills, but needs some good coaching to help put it all together.

Sounds like he might be good insurance should Laurent Robinson not work out. Hopefully he puts it together with the Rams in the next couple seasons. I still think they may have to find a veteran WR on a short-term deal for this season. Nothing bank-breaking, just a good compliment to play in the new offense and pair with Avery and the possession guys behind him. 

The Rams pick again soon for the sixth round. It's looking like QB isn't on the menu this year, which is fine. The 2010 draft should have plenty of first round talent at the position. 

No trades for the Rams so far, but the day isn't over. 

Here's a video of Foster in action 

Here's an April 12 report from the Tar Heel Times that had Foster moving up boards. 

Much of the attention around UNC's NFL prospects has surrounded Hakeem Nicks, who was still listed as a first-round draft pick (by the New York Giants) in Mel Kiper's most recent mock draft. But according to the Sporting News Today, Brooks Foster is also starting to earn some attention. "After being regarded as a fifth- or sixth-round prospect at the end of the season, he has moved up to a potential third- or fourth-rounder."