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Round 4: Rams get a NT & open thread

God, this is a slog. The fourth round just beginning. The biggest mistake of the draft, pushing it back to 4 p.m. start time on Saturday. It's tough to predict these rounds, but there is still plenty of talent available. 

Here's sort of a draft related thought. Now that the Seahawks have pulled the franchise tag on LB Leroy Hill, he's a free agent. Hmm, probably out of the Rams price range, but nothing beats nabbing a rival's castoff. He could replace Pisa. Here's a scouting reportfrom Field Gulls (via Buffalo Rumblings) when it looked like Hill would be a free agent. Of interest:

"Leroy Hill is excellent at what he does. His one superstar, otherworldly, stands-out among-the-standouts skill is picking through traffic and flying downhill to the ball carrier. Simple as that sounds, it enables vital abilities. Run stopping: check. Blowing up the screen: check. Blitzing: check."

Can you really have too many LBs? 

The Rams pick Dorell Scott, DT, Clemson. Scott has the size to plug running lanes, and at 312 lbs can still add 10-15. The knock against Scott has been consistency, sometimes missing "the sum of his parts" and some struggles with technique, things that can be addressed through good coaching, something the Rams have lacked for awhile before now. I think that's a good situation for Spagnuolo and Flajole. 

I'm pumped about Scott as a fourth round pick. Here's some more info.

Here's a scouting report from earlier in the spring at Mile High Report. Key takeaways:

Clemson has a reputation for good defensive line coaching. Recent Clemson DL products include Gaines Adams and Phillip Merling. 

His struggles to start his senior season were team-wide, resulting in a coaching change that improved his performance. 

He's a NT with some pass rush upside. Hmm, a la Fred Robbins from Spagnuolo's last job in NY?

Scott was convinced to give up ROTC to play football. He almost quit school to get a job to help pay his mother's medical bills, but was convinced to return to campus at the urging of his high school coach. From a profile in The State:

On his slippage to start the '08 season:

But much like the team’s first-half descent, Scott sensed his pro stock dropping when he was largely a nonfactor because, he said, he tried to do too much to compensate for the absence of injured tackle Rashaad Jackson.

Kiper on his attributes and talent:

He’s a big body, and that’s what you want. For a big kid, he’s got athletic ability, there’s no question about that. ... He’s not the consummate guy; if he was, he’d be a first- or second-round pick. But he has a chance to be a major contributor because of the need for that type of player and for how scarce they are at the college level.

Liking this pick. Sounds like he needs coaching, but his character doesn't seem flawed at all. He stayed to finish his degree after the season too.