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Round 3: Rams select Bradley Fletcher - CB - Iowa, who?

Not at all surprised the Rams went with a cornerback here, but nobody outside the Rams draft room saw that coming. So who is Bradley Fletcher?

He's a big, fast, physical CB, what Spagnuolo likes in his CBs. I think when you get to this point in the draft, the divergence among conventional wisdom and draft boards is pretty wide. The Justin King pick surprised everyone last year. From his Scouting report:

Excellent size and athleticism for the position; should become effective jamming receivers as a press corner. Gives good effort on every play. Mirrors even the fastest receivers down the sideline. Closes on the ball quickly when playing off his man. Good vertical and strength to high-point the ball in traffic. Fair hands for the interception, and has the coordination and arm length to knock passes away without drawing a flag. Physical enough with receivers to knock the ball out after the catch.

As far as weaknesses, some of them can be ironed out with coaching and hard work, playing too physical, better backpedal, etc. and they could move him to free safety, never know. 

Rob Rang and had him ranked as the #11 CB on the board.