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Day 2: 2009 NFL Draft Day 2

So it begins again... We'll have lots more thoughts, afterthoughts on the picks tomorrow and over the week ahead and it'll be topic du jour on Turf Show Radio this Thursday, 7 p.m. Central. RIght now, we're just a few minutes away from starting all over again, and the Rams have the second pick in the third round, the second pick of the day...unless they swing a trade, which Devaney has mentioned as a possibility.

If they keep the pick, there are some intriguing picks to be had. Georgia Tech DE Michael Johnson is still on the board. He's an athlete in need of good coaching to bring out his full potential. The Rams have had success with DEs in the third round before (though different leadership), Leonard Little was a third round pick in 1998. Another player still on the board who's on lots of top 50 prospect lists is Vandy CB D.J. Moore. Either of those guys would probably be my pick here, but draft boards are a crazy thing when you get to the third round. We'll see.