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Draft Day 1, open thread 1: Trade talk heating up

  Let's get the back and forth going.  It's either going to be Jason Smith, Eugene Monroe or Mark Sanchez.  With such a large pro-Curry contigent around here the last couple of months, it's going to be interesting to see how that group splinters now that Curry doesn't seem to be a realistic prediction at this point.

  And feel free to throw any questions around.  I'll be here for hours...

[Note by VanRam, 04/25/09 12:50 PM EDT ] Devaney's definitely getting calls about a trade(s). How serious remains to be seen. Odds are they keep the pick and take an OT, but never, never underestimate Dan Snyder and the power of his bottomless wallet...I'd also remind you that the DC Metro area isn't as hard hit by the recession as most cities. That's the wild card, and there's talk Seattle will take him now with their pick at #4...

The Devaney interview on ESPN.

Word is that the Rams will take OT Jason Smith with their #2 pick...if they keep the pick, that is.

Trade talk is heating up with just two hours to go, reports NFL Network's Steve Wyche. Moments ago he posted this:

There is some potential for trade activity at the front end of the draft. Where a move could be made is anyone’s guess, but it appears that QB Mark Sanchez is the target that’s creating the stir. The Rams continue to say that Sanchez is a possibility at No. 2, even though they have more pressing needs. If they select him or find a trade partner for the pick, the first major domino of the draft will have fallen.

This follows reports from earlier in the day that Devaney's been on the phone with teams potentially interested in the Rams second overall pick...and some speculation that the Rams could draft Sanchez and let him serve as Bulger's understudy...drafting him and trading him is a possibility too. 

from PFT woah:

NFL Network’s Rich Eisen...says on his Twitter account that the Jets are trying to move up to No. 2 with the Rams.