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Draft morning, 4/25: Down to an OT for the Rams?

  • First and foremost, it looks like the Rams are on the clock, as Detroit and Georgia QB Matt Stafford have reportedly agreed to a deal. The new face of the Detroit Lions (uh oh) got a 6-year, $41.7 million in guarantees, with incentive it could be as much as $78 million.
  • If the Rams hang on to the #2 pick - and if they draft an OT - that likely puts the contract in the $29-30 million guaranteed range. Last year they gave DE Chris Long a 6-year/$56.5 million contract, with $29 million guaranteed. First overall pick, OT Jake Long, signed for 5-years/$57.75 million, with $30 million guaranteed. If they draft Sanchez, the deal would look a little different.
  • The Rams won't deny reports that they received phone calls from the Jets about Marc Bulger. And though team officials like Sanchez, they seem committed to Bulger at QB. That, according to the PD, has essentially made the #2 pick a choice between Eugene Monroe and Jason Smith. 
  • That same PD report mentions that Devaney is telling teams that the Rams will trade down in the 2nd and 3rd rounds to add an extra pick in each round in a draft known mostly for its second and third round picks. Hmmm, New England has three 2nd round picks...

more to come...