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Random Ramsdom 4/24: Do not discount the Sanchez talk


This Sanchez to the Rams at #2 is gaining traction, to the point it can't be completely dismissed as a ploy.

Sanchez has fans amidst the Rams draft braintrust. Whether or not Billy Devaney, who has the ultimate say on the team's picks, is one of those guys is unknown, but remember, Devaney was one of the people that met with Sanchez during the league meetings in California earlier this spring. The gang at the Post-Dispatch usually has pretty reliable insights into the Rams thinking on the draft - witness the Dorsey v. C. Long debate this time last year - and here's what columnist Bernie Miklasz said in his online forum yesterday:

They have a man crush on Sanchez.
I think they're trying to talk themselves into taking him.
I don't think they will, however. I think they'll be pragmatic.
Can't be sure, obviously.

Sports Illustrated's Peter King, in St. Louis the last two days, drops a similar hint:

I think the Rams won't take Sanchez, but they'll be very, very tempted. I do not make this claim lightly...

Sanchez is flying up draft boards, and people are talking about an interview with draft expert, legit draft expert, Rob Rang yesterday (can't find a link, sorry) in which he talks up Sanchez being a better #1 QB pick, over Stafford, in this year's draft and even in next year's draft. King, in the same article linked above, mentions teams in the  top 10 who have the USC passer ahead of Stafford. You'll also note there's not been any news of progress in the reported Detroit/Stafford contract talks. Shades of Brady Quinn?

With the Seahawks interested in Sanchez with their #4 pick, that could make the Rams spot more lucrative for others wanting the QB should Seattle not be inclined to deal.

Can't get enough Rams QB talk? How 'bout NFL's Steve Wyche, who has strong ties to Devaney from his days covering the Falcons, tossed out some speculation on the radio yesterday that the Rams would also consider drafting Kansas State QB Josh Freeman if he slipped to the second round. Take it all with a grain of salt.

Keep an eye out for what happens with Matt Stafford. If he agrees to terms with Detroit, that should set the price range for first round picks and liekly have some influence on how high teams are willing to trade up for Sanchez.

More Friday links comin' at ya!

If that's not enough, check back later; there's bound to be plenty more.