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Are people starting to buy Sanchez to the Rams talk?

Tomorrow's the draft. Today, there should be plenty of rumor fodder for everyone to enjoy. Let's start with the QB people can't get enough of lately, Mark Sanchez. 

Will the St. Louis Rams use the No. 2 pick on USC quarterback Mark Sanchez?

Some NFL teams are privately speculating that might happen. As the Detroit Lions continue to zero in on Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford, there is a growing belief in league circles that the Rams — who already have quarterback Marc Bulger — are taking a serious look at the former Trojan standout.

With two days to go before the NFL draft, Sanchez is rapidly becoming the man of the hour, the linchpin player who's likely to determine the direction of the draft from the top.

That's from I'm still more than a little dubious this would happen, but it's a believable scenario if teams start thinking the Rams will draft the best player available.

More importantly, if this report is accurate and teams really do believe this, it could only help the Rams prospects for a trade down. Still, I think there's an 89% chance they'll take an OT with the second overall pick...and I'm fine with that. It's probably the smart move given the players available at the top of this draft.

3k and I talked LOTS about the reasons for drafting an OT with Dan from Mocking the Draft in last night's episode of Turf Show Radio, along with plenty more about the Rams in the draft, so check it out