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With the #24 pick in the TST mock draft, Atlanta selects...

Here's PCarn with the pick. NOTE: To his credit, PCarn sent this to me early, well before the Falcons made the deal for Gonzo. Being that it's a mock draft, and we're trying to get this done before the real one starts, I'm leaving it as is for the sake of time.

With the #24 pick in the TST Community Mock Draft, the Atlanta Falcons select Brandon Pettigrew - TE - Oklahoma State.

Team Needs. OLB, TE, CB. I think there is three ways in which Atlanta could be using their first round pick. Linebacker would be their first priority I believe. If either Brian Cushing, or Rey Malauga dropped to them, then they could not turn down one of these guys. However they have much more pressing needs throughout the team that they could easily take their first pick on. A cornerback would be very ideal since they are depleted in the secondary. However Brandon Pettigrew is still available, and he would fit very well into the Falcons pounding scheme, as he is a big strong target with soft hands, and is a blocking specialist.

Today's trade makes this pick highly unlikely, but I really appreciate PCarn getting in it ahead of time. I would say UConn CB Darius Butler would be the choice here.

On the clock: Miami Dolphins, represented by Caruso.

Here's the rest of the order with reps:

25 MIA Caruso
26 BAL kevinramsfans
27 IND JohnMatuszakloveschunk
28 BUF hambone38
29 NYG YankeeDoodleBrit
30 TEN heinzketchup
31 ARI JordansDad
32 PIT Uncfan1