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Random Ramsdom, 4/23: Draft talk round-up


  • The NFL Network's draft guru, Mike Maycock, told Dan Patrick that Detroit should avoid drafting Georgia QB Matt Stafford. 
  • If the Lions do take Stafford with the first overall pick, Scott Linehan and former Rams assistant coach Jeff Horton will be mentoring him...along with Dante Culpepper. Think about that. The Rams offense was a disaster over the last three years, (enjoying some success in '06) a period culminating in the decline of Marc Bulger to a point where many fans and experts don't believe he can lead a team anymore. Sure, much of that had to do with the legacy of bad personnel decisions (in which Linehan was partly culpable during that time), but would you trust those guys to groom a QB with lots of question marks taken first overall in the draft? Obviously, the Lions don't think that way; after all, they hired those guys. Seems like a dangerous mix to me though.
  • Be bold in the draft, says Miklasz. 
  • There's talk that the Redskins and Browns are interested in Mark Sanchez, with Washington wanting to move up to Seattle's spot at #4 to take him. There will be a lot more of this kind of speculation in the coming days, and eventually it will start to involve the Rams, especially as Sanchez becomes a hot commodity among the chattering classes. Keep an eye out.
  • Check out this bio sketch on Sanchez. And this one.
  • Peter King thinks the Rams will go for an OT with the second overall pick. 
  • Ditto Don Banks.
  • Another team losing interest in Crabtree based on his ego?
  • Rumor has it that the Lions and Curry have a deal in place and will pick the Wake Forest LB if Stafford balks at the offer they have out to him.