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With the #19 pick in the TST mock draft, Tampa Bay selects...

Here's iwall2883 with the pick.

With the #18 pick in the TST Community Mock Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Brian Cushing - OLB - USC.

It would have been too good to be true to have Sanchez fall to the Bucs. Alot of people have them taking Freeman which I think is a big reach at this point for someone who is not going to start for 2 - 3 years. Peria Jerry got some serious consideration here but I don't think the Bucs new DC likes the smaller, quicker DT. Even if Crowell can comeback from injury LB is still an area of need and I think Cushing's value is too good to pass up as the heir apparent to "the Derrick Brooks". So 2 USC backers back to back and 3 in the last 4 picks.

It's USC Day here at TST! ...not that there's anything wrong with that. USC's program turns out NFL players for a reason; they're good. Good pick, fits their needs nicely.Man, that was one helluva group of LBs from USC this year.

On the clock: The Detroit Lions, represented by LARamsFan29