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Devaney chat highlights

Here's a few highlights from the PD's Rams chat today, featuring Rams GM Billy Devaney for a portion of it. Be sure to read the whole thing.

Why we're not seeing Crabtree's name among the potential picks at #2 (from Jim Thomas):

I'm told that Crabtree didn't exactly make a big impression on the Rams during his pre-draft visit, with his personality and attitude. In addition, there is the foot injury. He is not among the group of players the club is considering taking at No. 2 overall.

Devaney on Barron at LT:

By the way, Alex looks really good at left tackle right now.

On the OTs in the draft:

On Monroe's knee, we're satisfied. Jason Smith is plenty big enough to play OT. And as far as Andre Smith, there's a lot of people pulling for him because he isn't really a bad guy.:

There's plenty more info to be had over there, including some insight on potential draft day trades, Aaron Curry and more.