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Random Ramsdom 4/21: Looking for signals in the pre-draft smoke


Can you see through all the smoke? With the draft now less than a week away, fans and front offices alike are spinning themselves into a tizzy getting ready for the big event. Let's try to sort some of it out, separate the smoke signals from the smoke screens...good luck with that.

First and foremost for Rams fans is all the smoke coming out of the office at Rams Park. No, there's not a fire, just Billy Devaney and his usual (brilliant, I must say) draft week obfuscation. Setting the web on fire today is a report from the PD that the Rams are considering four players - LB Aaron Curry, OT Jason Smith, OT Eugene Monroe, and QB Mark Sanchez - with the second overall pick. Devaney's also on record, as any good GM with a high first round choice should be, as saying the Rams will consider trade offers from teams looking to move up in the draft.

Turning heads is the inclusion of Sanchez among the possibilities for the Rams at #2. Clearly, I'd rather have Sanchez than Stafford, but this seems to be more of a tactic from the front office than anything else. Sanchez is racing up draft boards and might very well be a better pick in the second spot than a LB or offensive linemen that might not be much better than what's available in the second round. Mike Maycock compared him to Matt Ryan on a conference call recently. Still, I'd be shocked that the Rams would take a QB, but thier interest could be just enough to provide Devaney the misdirection he needs to create a little bit of leverage for a trade...or just to keep teams guessing in the spot(s) ahead and behind the Rams in the draft.

It means nothing that they're not mentioning WR Michael Crabtree as a potential pick here...or does it? Maycock currently has him as his second best prospect in the draft.

There's still some divergence of opinion among Detroit Lions decision-makers on the wisdom of taking the somewhat inconsistent Stafford at No. 1, but for the first time this draft season, I'm hearing from league sources who say Detroit, in all likelihood, will select Stafford over Baylor offensive tackle Jason Smith and Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry.

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