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Holt to the Jaguars

Torry Holt is a Jaguar. Jacksonville signed him to a 3-tear deal yesterday. Money-wise, it's $13 million, but can reach $20 with incentives. The Rams would have had to pay him $8 million for one more season. Was it worth it?

It's always tough to watch your franchise cornerstones leave, but does a rebuilding team really need to pay $8 million for a WR with one more year left on his deal? In my opinion, no; they need those resources to for, you know, rebuilding. 

We'll see our old friend again in week 6, when the Rams travel to Jacksonville. Ron Bartell should be seeing plenty of him that week, since right now, Holt's Jacksonville's only legit threat at WR. Which brings me to another point.  I don't know what Jacksonville plans to do in the draft, but the Jags will need another threat at WR to pair with Holt. Torry will be susceptible to double coverage as the only man down the field, and at 33, he doesn't have the legs to break out of that like he used to. 

Anyway... congratulations to Torry Holt.