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With the #6 pick in the Turf Show Times mock draft, Cincinnati takes...

I love the smell of mock drafts in the morning, smells like...mock draft, the Turf Show Times Community Mock Draft to be specific.I can't believe OT Jason Smith fell this far in our mock, but there's a case to be made. Here with the pick is lwuvrams.

With the sixth pick, the Cincinnati Bengals select Jason Smith - OT- Baylor.


If Jason Smith falls this far  in the draft the Bengals will snatch him up for sure. For me seeing as Cinci has no proven OT on their roster, they desperately need one. Jason Smith could start right away at left or right tackle, whichever the Bengals desire. Although Jason Smith isn't a big playmaker all the fans want, he could help the Bengals by keeping Carson Palmer on his feet long enough to throw to Ocho Cinco. This saving the Bengals more injuries to Palmer.

The Bengals could go many ways with this pick as they have so many needs, they could go DE with Everette Brown or DT with BJ Raji. Marvin Louis really likes Raji and coached him at the senior bowl and really liked him. As well with TJ Housh flying away to the sea hags the Bengals could also go Crabtree or Maclin with this pick.

Right now, lots of pundits are thinking Smith goes to the Lions, but there's more smoke floating around this time of year than there are educated guesses. With Smith a potential pick for the Rams - I honestly think it'll be between him and Curry, depending on how Detroit goes - we've talked lots and lots about Smith's value and ability here.

Oakland, represented by tbell61, is on the clock.