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OT at #2...not that simple

But give the Rams credit for recognizing their shortcomings. The club overhauled its front office, with GM Billy Devaney now in charge, and introduced Steve Spagnuolo as its head coach... That's a start. Now the guys at the top must straighten out their ballclub, and that won't be easy. Poor drafting left Devaney and Spagnuolo in the position of having to improve nearly every position, with offensive line the first priority.

That's Clark Judge from CBS Sports repeating the conventional wisdom that the Rams will draft an OT in the first round, with the second overall pick. Like it or not, the truth of the matter is that such a move would probably do the Rams a world of good, giving them an offensive line featuring a stud center in Jason Brown and a younger, beefed up presence at OT. 

That's the easiest scenario to imagine for the Rams with their first round pick, leaving them to take the best defensive player available with the second round pick. But I still have some questions about taking an OT at #2.

  • In year deep with OTs (yes, beware the deep at a position label for a draft) insiders are whispering about potential second round tackles that could be as good as the guys taken among the top three. Why pay second overall pick money when you can get the same guy for second round pick money?
  • What about Alex Barron at LT? There's a bit of an unknown here, though he did alright filling in for Pace on the blind side in '07...holes everywhere else in the line keep us firmly focused on the forest rather than that particular tree. Even if Barron does do well at LT, the Rams still need to add an OT somewhere in the draft for several reasons, not the least of which is Barron's deal is up after this season. Anyway, if we're drafting the RT of the future, isn't the #2 pick a bit high for that?