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Trading down now even less likely

The Rams lost a potential trade partner for the second overall pick in 2009 today when the Eagles acquired Buffalo OT Jason Peters for the Eagles' 28th pick in the draft and their 4th rounder.

Philly's need for an OT might have made the Rams spot (or the Chiefs) in the draft attractive for the potential to take top-rated OTs Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe, both likely to be a drafted among the top five picks.

Devaney has said the Rams would entertain trade offers to move down in the draft, which is kind of stating the obvious. However, the lack of a home run pick among the top five and the kind of money a team has to pay those picks make a trade very, very unlikely.

The Chiefs also said today that they'd listen to offers for their third overall pick, again stating the obvious...what team picking that high and with as many needs as the Rams or the Chiefs wouldn't consider an opportunity to get more out of the draft, especially in a year where many consider picking 15th be just as good as picking 2nd.

To be quite honest, I'd like to see the Rams add a second or third round pick, giving them a chance to get some much needed depth in a few areas where they really need it, such as LB or DB.