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Random Ramsdom, 4/16: Looming draft decisions


You'd never know we were still a week and a half away from the draft with all the draft talk. Still, there's a lot of information and scenarios to parse. 

I'd be shocked if the Rams didn't draft a WR in the first three rounds this year, with the talent available. The PD has another run-down on the WR prospects, and I found one scout's take on North Carolina's Hakeem Nicks (scouting report) pretty telling. After discussing the possibility of Nicks dropping to the second round after his Combine hamstring incident and weighing in with an extra 14 lbs at his pro day, a Rams' scout said: "Good. Maybe that'll help him fall to us." 

We mentioned the possibility of Nicks dropping to the second round after rumors (unconfirmed) of him testing positive for marijuana surfaced as well as Florida's Percy Harvin (scouting report) and Rutgers' Kenny Britt (scouting report) dropping into the second. I like NIcks' and Britt's size and speed, seems to nicely complement the receivers already on our roster. The weed rumors are flying and with nothing more to confirm them, I'd take it with a grain or two of salt. Still, like the scout said, anything that puts Nicks within our reach atop the second round, all the better. 

Nicks will visit Rams Park as well as Brandon Tate (scouting report) and LSU's Demetrius Byrd (scouting report).  

Debate topic: Suppose the Rams do draft a WR in the second and LB Aaron Curry in the first, a very likely scenario, especially if you're talking about best player available versus pure need. What do they do at OT? A third round OT might not be ready to start in the NFL. Couple other ways this could play out: 1) that second round pick could be used for an OT if they draft Curry in the first round, a scenario we've talked about A LOT. Is the WR class deep enough to get what we're looking for in the third round? 2) The Rams could draft an MLB in the third round, which might be the easiest place to draft a guy who could instantly be a two down LB. The ranks of NFL linebacking corps are filled with middle round picks.

More random Ramsdom-ness:


  • The non-top OTs are getting lots of talk lately. The PD article linked above has one NFL o-line coach gushing about Eben Britton. And here's some re-evaluation of UConn's William Beatty. Landing either one of those guys in the second round could be a steal for the Rams. 
  • Rams' offensive lineman in position purgatory John Greco will try his hand at coaching in Toledo's spring football game.