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With the #13 pick in the TST mock draft, Washington selects...

Here's salukihoops with the pick.

With the #13 pick in the TST Community Mock Draft, the Redskins select.... Tyson Jackson - DE - L.S.U.


The Redskins had a tough time getting to the quarterback in 2008 and tallied only 28 sacks as a result. The impact of Tyson Jackson could improve that defense right away as he slides into the left DE position. Jackson has pro-bowl size at 6-4 295lb and also offers a combination tough physical play and the versatility to be moved to tackle if necessary.

Jackson is a perfect example of why it's almost as good to pick in the middle of this years draft as it is top have one of the first five selections. Jackson could end up being just as good as an NFL player as Brian Orakpo but the 'Skins won't have to pay a ridiculous signing bonus to a player who's drafted #13 overall. Also, he's already had lots of succes against top notch competition so his probability of being a draft day bust is relatively low.

Other picks considered in this spot- Chris Wells, to give the 'Skins the best 1-2 punch at RB in the NFL or Brian Cushing who would fill another huge need for them at strongside linebacker.

This is kind of a surprise pick with Everett Brown and Michael Johnson still on the board. Converting Jackson to DT seems like a sure thing in the Redskins 4-3 defense, replacing Kedric Golston as the starter this season or next, when Golston's one-year deal expires. 

On the clock: New Orleans represented by Rams13rocks