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Mapping out the Rams day two at the draft

With the first and second round getting so much attention, you might have forgotten there is actually a second day of the draft. And that second day will be extremely important to the Rams who need to load up on depth in rounds 3-7 and don't have the margin to whiff on a pick.

I'm not even going to pretend to tell you what players they ought to be taking on the second day. Like any pick, they'll need a good mix of need and best-player-available, and, of course, the strategy at that point will also take into account what happens in the first two rounds. WIth the first pick, we know that the Rams will either take, in order of likelihood, an OL, LB, or WR...and I don't think I need to repeat the list of candidates for that spot. In the second round they'll likely take one of those three positions, whichever position that was not picked at second overall, weighted by the best available player at either one of those positions. For instance, if Devaney et al draft OT Jason Smith second overall, then they'll pick between the best available LB or WR with the next pick...most likely. 

Whether they draft Curry or not, I think the Rams still need to pick up a LB on the second day, preferably a true-blue MLB. TST reader cOOkies 4 cUddy, mentions one possibility, Florida Atlantic LB Frantz Joseph. I don't know much about Joseph (though the Rams did watch his Pro Day, where he by all accounts impressed), but that's exactly the kind of guy that would be a good second day pick, giving the Rams a two-down LB to solidfy their linebacking corps.

Even with a LB pick on day one, the Rams need to pick up another one on day two. The same goes for OT too, given a relatively shallow depth chart at tackle right now and Barron in the last year of his contract.

Besides a LB and OL on the second day, you can probably add RB to the list, especially if they get into a best available situation with a RB. I'd like to pick up a DT, specifically a big body nose tackle. This isn't exactly the year of the DT. However, if Devaney could snag a guy like Sammie-Lee Hill in the fourth or fifth round, it would be a success. Aside from the positions laid out above - LB, OL, RB, DT - picking up another DB and a potential return man would really round out the Rams second day.